United Kingdom Paintball Sports Federation

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United Kingdom Paintball Sports Federation

United Kingdom Paintball Sports Federation

Who is the UKPSF and What do they do?
The United Kingdom Paintball Sports Federation - Established in 1990
, the UKPSF is a voluntary body that exists to promote Paintball in all of its forms, liaise with government bodies and local authorities, and try to make the game of paintball safe and fun to play.
The UKPSF works closely with government departments and has clarified several laws, relating to paintball in the UK and has been instrumental in protecting the game for all.

Sport Recognition

While the UKPSF is already accepted by the government as the governing body of the sport of paintball in the UK, the next step is to secure Formal Sports Recognition for paintball which involves a great deal of work and has to be done through The Sports Council.

Once achieved this will provide a host of opportunity's for all forms of the game and will give paintball increased public awareness and understanding, this in turn has the potential to lead to greater participation, mainstream media coverage, access to development funding and, in the long-term, even inclusion in multi-sport events (such as the Olympics).

UKPSF Membership

Why become a UKPSF member?

Simply by becoming a UKPSF member you are supporting the federation and the sport of paintball in all its forms. You will also be able to access a whole host of discount offered by UKPSF member retailers and sites. By being part of the paintball community and working together we can all help to protect and grow paintball in the U.K.

Players can register here for just £5 a year or £15 for 5 years:
UKPSF Player Membership

You can find out more about the UKPSF work by visiting the UKPSF website here