Mayhem Tigers
£15.95 - £31.95



This listing is for an individual barrel tip please select from the options below.

Constructed of CNC'd 6061 Aluminum, the Stella barrel system is the ultimate choice for superiority in customization.

• Stella "Apex Adapter" Tip - Matte Black - adapter allowing you add an Apex system (purchased separately)

Arrow Head Tips available in 3 different sizes:
• 14" - Matte Black
• 16" - Matte Black
• 18" - Matte Black

• 14" Stella "Thread Saver" Tip - Matte Black - tip just covers the threaded area on the Stella barrel front
• 15" Slim Jim Tip - Matte Black
• 14" Mace Tip - Matte Black

Barrel tips are compatible with Stella Threaded Barrel Fronts only. Stella barrel fronts and backs are NOT INCLUDED in this listing and must be purchased separately. The barrel lengths given above is for reference only, giving the total assembled barrel dimension including the tip chosen and a standard barrel front and back.