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Inception Designs 15" Genesis PWR Tactical Barrel Kit - Matte Black

This kit can handle every situation with two different bore size threaded fronts, 1x Bird Cage tip, 1x Genesis PWR back and 6x 8inch PWR control bore inserts so all bases are covered.

The design of these new PWR inserts is different to those you are previously familiar with. They are a very close tolerance to the barrel back, and yet can still be removed easily. The muzzle end has a chamfer to promote the best alignment with the barrel front possible. They have a chamfer and radius ball entry lip, not a sharp edge, so are super gentle on the paint. They are marked with bore sizes that can be easily seen without removing the insert from the barrel back and can also be identified by the colour as seen through the rearmost ports on our barrel front. The inserts are easily gripped and removed from the barrel back.

This barrel back is fully compatible with all Stella Barrel fronts. The new system uses specially designed inserts that maintain all the easy ball entry features of the Stella barrel. This allows the use of a single outer barrel back that can be more cost effectively matched to the gun and it's anodizing yet maintains all Stella barrel performance features.

Our Genesis PWR back features familiar minimalist styling and can be used either way around.

Kits come with matte black back, fronts and tip and also includes the awesome carbon series barrel case to keep everything protected.

The kit includes:
• 1 of STELLA BIRD CAGE TIP - Matte Black (15" total assembled barrel
length including tip, front and back)
• 1 of 14" STELLA THREADED FRONT 0.689 - Matte Black
• 1 of 14" STELLA THREADED FRONT 0.697 - Matte Black
• 1 of GENESIS PWR BARREL BACK - Matte Black
• 1 of STELLA PWR INSERT - 0.675’'
• 1 of STELLA PWR INSERT - 0.680’'
• 1 of STELLA PWR INSERT - 0.683’'
• 1 of STELLA PWR INSERT - 0.685’'
• 1 of STELLA PWR INSERT - 0.687’'
• 1 of STELLA PWR INSERT - 0.690’'
• 1 of Carbon Series Barrel Case

This GENESIS PWR barrel back is compatible with the PWR Inserts from Planet Eclipse and Inception Designs. It does not work with other insert systems from other companies.