Mayhem Tigers


IN STOCK - Custom build only 1 available


All the performance and features are packed into this top of the range EMF 100 load out!

This build is based around the ID100 Inception Body kit for the Planet Eclipse EMF100 (formerly known as the MG100). This was developed in conjunction with Planet Eclipse and will maintain your full warranty when installed on your marker!

The Stop Shot is a milled modification to the ID100 Design that provides a flag system (using the included 3D printed parts) to show if a round if loaded. It will also prevent the gun from firing if a round is not fully loaded which is fantastic to prevent misfire, blank shots, or chopped shots. This is an awesome factory upgrade to the ID100.

This marker build is stacked full of upgrades with a skeletonise aluminium fore guard and adjustable Angled Front Grip, an Inception stock adapter, power tube, castle nut, a light weight adjustable composite stock, a red dot sight with riser, Stop Shot parts, a Fang trigger, an FL3 valve, a Secret Pin, a threaded Stella barrel with Bird Cage tip and the new PWR Genesis barrel back including both of the riffled PWR inserts (.683 & .686), two CF20 continuous feed mags, and a Nuprol 36" Deluxe soft case (multiple compartments) with rucksack straps to carry everything.

• The ID100 body is a direct one piece replacement for the stock EMF100 body AND GRN sleeve.
• Custom milled aluminium using official Planet Eclipse billets so your warranty is unaffected.
• Custom milled aluminium detent covers.
• Designed by the legendary Simon Stevens.


• 'Blackout' black anodised ID100 aluminium body
• 'Blackout' black anodised aluminium detent covers
• 'Blackout' black anodised fore guard
• 'Blackout' black anodised Angled Fore Grip
• 'Blackout' black threaded Stella barrel with Bird Cage tip
• 'Blackout' black Genesis PWR barrel back
• .683 rifled PWR Insert
• .686 rifled PWR Insert
• 'Blackout' black Fang tigger
• FL3 valve
• Inception Designs Secret Pin upgrade
• 'Blackout' black Red Dot sight
• 'Blackout' black Inception stock adapter
• 'Blackout' black adjustable stock
• 'Blackout' black Planet Eclipse POPS ASA
• 2 x CF20 magazines
• Nuprol Deluxe 36" Soft bag


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