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EZ ASA T-slot Rail (ATR) Combo - polished black asa with rail.

The best of the best in ASA design smaller, lighter, easier to operate and more adjustable.

Very small and compact the EZ ASA is the latest in Air Systems Adapter (ASA) designs, using a cam based action to ensure easy gassing up of your paintball guns even those using high pressure tanks and ball valves that can be very difficult to gas up with other systems.

Fit all guns with bottom line screw locations via the use of the included adapter rail that attaches to standard bottom line screw locations in up to 6 different positions.

The ATR also has the greatest range of adjustment so you can get the right positioning for your personal set up. The Rail has 5 holes underneath to allow for 3 mounting positions and since the holes are offset to one end you can then spin it around to get another 3 different adjustments for 6 positions in total. The ASA is then locked to the rail with it's mounting set screws allowing even finer adjustment.