Mayhem Tigers




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PHOTOS ARE OF THE 3D PRINTED PROTOTYPES. Some small changes will happen to the production parts to make the back slightly slimmer to match the diameter of the stock locking nuts. Production will be machined and anodized matte black aluminum parts

This is an AR100 Stock adapter to allow the install of a real stock onto your AR100 body kit. It is not recommended for use with any other body kits, especially fragile 3D printed body kits.

Order is for AR100 Stock Adapter only. Images of full guns or with optional accessories are just for reference.

The AR100 Body kit allows the use of "real steel" front shrouds and with the use of the stock adapter (sold here) you can also use any stock that has a threaded tube using 1 3/16-16 TPI threads. This is the thread used on most "real" stocks.

The adapter replaces the stock bolt guide cap and is indexed and then bolted to the AR100 body kit from above with two 10-32 bolts (one can be seen in the photo not fully installed to show where they bolt from).

AR100 Body Kit for the EMF100 is available here.

The adjustable FANG trigger for the EMF100 is available here.

This stock adapter does not include the AR100 kit or the EMF100 itself. The marker is shown with optional accessories that are not included.